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Zapiot team had a solid background in hiring and outsourcing IT contractors and developers from all over the world. Over time, we realized that things needed to change when it came to the way companies found the IT contractors. The worldwide demand for top developers was already enormous and fluid resourcing would only continue to grow but the current gateways were far from perfect.

Zapiot offers a unique B2B staffing services a combine aspects of traditional consulting companies with larger outsourcing companies and bench resources platforms into one. Our platform connects top developers on bench to the clients worldwide seamlessly on a B2B model. Zapiot uses a customised and unique qualification process through a digital platform to gather and offer only the best talent out there.

Building an extended team with Zapiot is just like opening your own remote development center, but without the hassle.


Whether you want to hire just one software developer or set up a cross-functional dedicated software development team – our cooperation model is flexible enough to meet your unique needs. We prescreen candidates based on your requirements, and then help you run as many interview rounds as you need to hire the right people.

Once you approve the members of your extended development team, they become your full-time employees, working from one of our four offices in Hyderabad. You manage your team directly, while we take care of infrastructure, developer retention, and administrative support.



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Administrative Support

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Why Choose the Extended Team Model Over Project Outsourcing?

Custom recruitment

You’ll never work with someone from our bench – we don’t have one! We initiate the recruitment process only after clarifying your requirements, and you interview the candidates yourself.

High developer commitment

Zapiot software developers are your full-time employees, and they’re as dedicated to your success as your in-house team.

Direct communication

You, your tech lead, or your project manager communicate with the dedicated development team directly. No middlemen, no miscommunication.

Predictable costs

You pay your developers’ salaries and a flat monthly fee for our services.


Change team size with only one month’s notice. Request advanced IT security. Travel to our offices to work alongside your software developers or bring them over to your headquarters.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?